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Human Trafficking Statement

C. difficile Testing

How often should we repeat C. difficile toxin EIA testing for the same patient?

Does Meridian have a pediatric claim for the ImmunoCard® Toxin AB assays?

Are Cary-Blair or C&S approved transport media for the collection of samples for Premier and ImmunoCard® Toxin A&B and ImmunoCard® C. difficile assays?

Foodborne Illness Testing

Which Campylobacter species do your kits detect? 

What kinds of broth media are acceptable for use with Premier® EHEC and ImmunoCard STAT!® EHEC?

What kinds of transport media are acceptable for use with these Campylobacter tests?

I’m interested in starting ImmunoCard STAT!® EHEC testing, but I’m concerned about incorporating the broth enrichment into our workflow. Our second and third shifts set up cultures, but they don’t run immunoassays. What can we do?

H. pylori Testing

Is there a correlation between H. pylori serum antibody testing and H. pylori stool antigen (HpSA®) results?

Can an H. pylori stool antigen test determine if H. pylori therapy has been successful?

Is there a limitation for the use of proton pump inhibitors and H. pylori stool antigen assay?

Is HpSA® testing acceptable for the pediatric population?

What type of sample is collected for HpSA®?

Respiratory Testing

Are throat swabs an acceptable specimen type for influenza testing?

Why is the design of TRU RSV® incorporating two monoclonal antibodies better than assays using just one?

Do you have information about the frequency of dual flu A and flu B infections?

Why are most rapid RSV test kits not validated for use with adults?

Cryptosporidium/Giardia Testing

Can I test unpreserved stool specimens on Meridian Bioscience’s ImmunoCard STAT!®Crypto/Giardia or MERIFLUOR® Cryptosporidium/Giardia (C/G) assays? 

Rotavirus/Adenovirus Testing

I received my proficiency survey for rotavirus. Do I handle the survey sample as a patient specimen or as a control specimen?

General Questions

What CPT code should I use for reimbursement for a particular assay?

What is the reimbursement for a particular assay?

Can reagents be interchanged between lots?

With regard to proficiency samples, is the specimen handled like a patient sample, i.e., diluted, or run undiluted?

How should we handle a specimen type received that is not listed as an acceptable type in the package insert for the kit?

I have an ELx800 reader. How often should I use the calibration plate? What do I do when it is time for recalibration of the plate?

How do I use the temperature probe to check the Stat Fax™?