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H. Pylori Testing
Is there a correlation between H. pylori serum antibody testing and H. pylori stool antigen (HpSA®) results?

There is not a correlation, as serum testing detects the presence of IgG antibody, which is evidence of a past or current H. pylori infection. HpSA detects H. pylori antigen, indicative of a current infection.

Can an H. pylori stool antigen test determine if H. pylori therapy has been successful?

Yes, HpSA® can be used to monitor therapy and the eradication of H. pylori.

Is there a limitation for the use of proton pump inhibitors and H. pylori stool antigen assay?

Samples from patients on proton-pump inhibitors can be tested. If a positive test result is obtained, it is a valid positive. However, if a negative result is obtained, the patient should be taken off the inhibitor and retested in another two weeks. Proton pump inhibitors may suppress H. pylori, leading to falsely-negative results.

Is HpSA® testing acceptable for the pediatric population?

Yes, there are no limitations for use of H. pylori stool antigen tests in the pediatric population.

What type of sample is collected for HpSA®?

An unpreserved stool sample is collected. The sample may be held at 2° to 8°C for up to 72 hours. If testing will be delayed, freeze the sample immediately at -20° to -80°C, until testing can be performed.