RNase Inhibitor

Ribonucleases (RNases) are ubiquitous and can be introduced into experiments in many ways: for example co-purification during RNA isolation, carryover from bare hands and pipette tips. This RNase contamination can often go unnoticed. RNase Inhibitor is ideal for RNA-sensitive applications such as RT-qPCR as even a small amount of RNase can be detrimental to the final experimental outcome.

RNase Inhibitor is a highly efficient inhibitor of a broad spectrum of eukaryotic RNases and shows no inhibition of polymerase or reverse transcriptase activity, so can be used in cDNA synthesis or one-step PCR or quantitative PCR reactions.




RNase Inhibitor, MDX056

Available in 250 µL (10,000 Units) or 2.5 mL (100,000 Units) aliquots

RNA酶抑制剂是一种重组蛋白,通过非共价1:1的结合可抑制不同的RNA酶 (A, B, C)。 RNA酶抑制剂适用于任何潜在RNA酶影响的应用中。该酶经过SDS-PAGE测试,不含内切酶、切口酶和外切酶。



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