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The BreathID® Hp Lab urea breath testing system detects H. pylori and confirms eradication for healthcare providers with large patient testing volumes.

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BreathID® Hp Lab: Advanced Detection Platform

The state-of-the-art BreathID® Hp Lab urea breath test system for H. pylori detection intuitively combines market-leading diagnostic accuracy with efficient automation and fast batch-test analysis for maximizing large lab testing throughput. Whether for initial active infection detection or confirmation of eradication, Meridian is your trusted partner in gastrointestinal diagnostics.

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    Unparalleled Diagnostic Performance
    100% Sensitivity
    97.9% Specificity

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    Intuitive Efficiency
    Automated data input and batch analysis to reduce human error and simplify reporting

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    Trusted Partner
    Meridian offers additional H. pylori platforms for a total testing solution

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Press and walk away automation

Built-in automated monitoring manages batch analysis, moving from test sample to test sample while noting any sample errors for post-batch handling.

BreathID® Hp Lab System


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Definitive answers, confidence in results

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Definitive answers, confidence in results

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