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GBS LB Testing

A precise diagnostic test for detection of Group B Streptococcus (GBS) from Lim Broth samples.

Catalog Number: 410200

Why Revogene® GBS LB?

The Revogene GBS LB assay is a qualitative in vitro diagnostic test to detect Group B Streptococcus (GBS) from vaginal/rectal swab samples, after Lim Broth enrichment, from antepartum pregnant women. Performing this test enables healthcare professionals to detect the presence of GBS within 70 minutes. The assay provides physicians with accurate and reliable results, allowing for appropriate treatment decisions of the mother at the time of delivery, ensuring the best outcome for the baby.

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    Efficient workflow - Sample to result in 3 easy steps

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    Flexible platform - Run multiple assays with different sample types on a single run

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    Total solution - Can be paired with Meridian immunoassays for a scalable testing solution

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    Platform for growth - Single analyte and multiplex testing capability

Test Procedure

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  • Place the rectal/vaginal swab into a selective enrichment LIM broth and incubate for 18-24 hours at 35-37 C.
  • Transfer 15µL of specimen into the provided Sample Buffer Tube (SBT).
  • Vortex the SBT at high speed for 15 seconds.
  • Unseal the pouch containing the Revogene® GBS LB PIE.

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  • Using the Disposable Transfer Tool (DTT), aspirate the Sample Buffer (SB) by squeezing the entire bulb until the liquid level is anywhere between the two lines on the DTT.
  • Discharge the specimen completely into the Sample Loading Chamber of the PIE.
  • Close the cap of the Sample Loading Chamber tightly.

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  • Start the test run by navigating to the menu. Select Revogene® GBS LB. Follow the onscreen instructions to load the patient test PIE.
  • Load the remaining patient tests. If less than eight (8) PIEs are being tested, load MOCK PIES in the carousel in the remaining positions.
  • Scan the retention ring and place it on the carousel

gb four x

  • Close the instrument lid with both hands and ensure the lid lock engages.
  • Select to initiate the test and walk away.
  • The lid opens when the run is complete.
  • Remove all PIEs including MOCK PIES after the run.
  • Tap the icon to see test results.

“Our laboratory participated in the clinical validation of this GBS LB assay. The assay had high sensitivity and specificity. The system was easy-to-use and provided the results up to 18h faster than standard culture.”

Dr Hossein Salimnia

Support & Documents

Downloadable PDFs


Only enriched specimen with LIM Broth has been validated for this test. Samples from a direct swab are not compatible with the Revogene GBS LB assay.

Only enriched specimen with LIM Broth has been validated for this test. Other enrichment media must be evaluated.

Revogene MOCK PIEs can be used when less than eight samples are available to perform a run. In case you don’t have any MOCK PIEs, assay PIEs filled with Sample Buffer or External Controls may also be used.

Revogene GBS LB kits can be stored at 2-25°C.

Revogene GBS LB – 87081, 87653

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