CINCINNATI, OHIO, April 10, 2024 (PRNewswire) – The Life Science division of Meridian Bioscience, Inc., a leading global provider of diagnostic testing solutions and life science raw materials, has announced the launch of a comprehensive menu of glycerol-free NGS enzymes for use in all steps of a Next Generation Sequencing (“NGS”) workflow. With this latest release, Meridian establishes itself as the sole provider of the most extensive array of glycerol-free NGS enzymes to diagnostic developers, which is essential for enabling the preparation of sequencing kits that can be shipped and stored at ambient temperature. The ability to ship and store reagents without restrictions democratizes NGS, allowing global access.

Shipping sequencing kits in dry ice and storing them in freezers has always been inconvenient for NGS developers and researchers. Meridian’s glycerol-free enzyme formats enable lyophilization, providing a sustainable alternative by reducing carbon emissions associated with cold-chain logistics. This eradicates reliance on energy-intensive refrigeration and freezing methods. Additionally, eliminating cold-chain requirements simplifies transportation logistics, reducing packaging materials and transportation costs.

In addition to the shipping and storage stability enabled by being glycerol-free, the enzymes are available in a high-concentration format, meeting the demands for miniaturization, often required in point-of-care devices. This format not only allows for the utilization of smaller reagent volumes but also maximizes the sample input quantity while ensuring consistent performance. Meridian’s new glycerol-free high-concentration enzymes empower NGS assay developers to engineer the next generation of NGS diagnostic tests and workflows. This product launch stems from Meridian’s strategy to pioneer sustainable and innovative raw materials for diagnostic assay manufacturers.

“At Meridian, the driving force behind product innovation is our unwavering commitment to understanding and alleviating our customers’ challenges. With the introduction of our new NGS glycerol-free enzymes product line, we are poised to eliminate the logistical hurdles our customers encounter in handling critical raw materials for NGS applications. In addition to offering these innovative enzymes, we can customize lyophilized reagents designed for specific NGS applications and provide them in bead formats if needed. Our objective with these innovations is to empower our clients to elevate and broaden their NGS capabilities globally,” commented Lourdes Weltzien, Ph.D., President of Life Science, Meridian Bioscience.

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