Next-Generation Sequencing

Revolutionizing Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) with a complete suite of eco-conscious, cost-effective glycerol-free enzymes, kits and services.

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Meridian's NGS products for use in all steps of your workflow

Shipping sequencing kits in dry ice and storing them in freezers has always been a significant roadblock for democratizing NGS testing and allowing global access.

Meridian Bioscience offers a comprehensive menu of glycerol-free NGS enzymes and solutions for use in all steps of an NGS workflow, thus allowing NGS developers to lyophilize the reagents so they can be shipped and stored at ambient temperature.

Our NGS Solutions Offer:

  • All the enzymes required for the development of NGS workflows

  • First-to-market lyophilized library prep kit designed for sequencing-by-synthesis (SBS) protocols

  • Glycerol-free format allowing lyophilization to secure and extend the shelf-life at room temperature, eliminating the need for cold-chain

  • High concentration for reduced volume in miniaturization, often required for point-of-care devices

  • High concentration also maximizes the sample input quantity for increased sensitivity

Also, if needed, we offer custom lyophilization service to fit customer application, including bead formats

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