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Curian® is an efficient fluorescent immunoassay platform focused in gastrointestinal testing that is packaged in a small footprint to improve hospital operational efficiencies.

Curian has a standardized assay-to-assay workflow

Sample to result in 3 easy steps with less than 1-minute hands-on time

Flexible testing options allow the platform to fit any laboratory workload

Analyze Now – available for batch testing

Incubate & Analyze – load and walk away

Curian Platform

Curian Advantages

Curian provides healthcare systems a rapid fluorescent immunoassay diagnostic solution with a standardized, simplified workflow that eliminates subjectivity. Laboratories can eliminate workflow burdens and achieve optimal efficiency while delivering top-of-the-line patient care.

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    Fluorescent analyzer – improved performance with no subjectivity

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    Intuitive user interface – intuitive, fast, and easy-to-use improves productivity

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    Easy, standardized workflow – implement and train only once

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    Simple sample prep – clean, comfortable handling of samples

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Curian uses a fluorometric technology that requires analysis using a UV light in order to interpret results. There will not be a visible line on the test card for positive results, unlike colorimetric assays which produce a color change when positive.

Fluorometric assays often achieve a higher sensitivity and specificity over colorimetric assays, along with a lower limit of detection (LoD). Fluorometric assays remove subjectivity, so technologists don’t need ask around to see if a line is truly present – the analyzer will do that for them.

Curian has dual mode capability. The first mode is Analyze Now – this is the best option for batch testing. Multiple test cards can be incubated on the bench top for 20 minutes. Then the test cards are read one-by-one by inserting into the analyzer. The second mode is Incubate & Analyze. This is convenient for single patient samples when a laboratory is running samples as they come in. The test card is immediately inserted into the analyzer after sample prep and the analyzer will automatically read the card after a 20-minute incubation. This allows the technologist to walk away and perform other duties while test is running. These two options provide flexibility to meet specific laboratory workflow demands.

Curian has 4 data management options. You can choose to print results via an ancillary printer, export results via a USB, store results on board and retrieve when needed, or transmit results via an LIS connection.

A barcode scanner is included with the purchase of a Curian analyzer. The keyboard and printer are optional for an additional charge.

Bring testing closer to the patient with Curian

Curian is a rapid diagnostic solution for immunoassay detection of gastrointestinal diseases. It quickly and accurately identifies H. pylori and Campylobacter active infections. New tests are continuously being added to help improve your gastrointestinal outcomes.

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