Curian® Shiga Toxin

A rapid, fluorescent immunoassay for the detection of Shiga toxin 1 and 2 produced by enterohemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) from stool specimens in broth enrichment.

Catalog Number: 760630

Why Curian Shiga Toxin?

Curian® Shiga Toxin offers clinicians accurate and timely results to deliver appropriate care for patients infected with Shiga toxin-producing E. coli. The Curian testing platform centers around the innovative Curian analyzer – a compact immunofluorescent instrument that boasts a simple workflow and clean sample handling to provide rapid, definitive results. Coupling Curian Shiga Toxin with an automated analyzer readout provides a result that can be read without the risk of subjective analysis by the technologist. Curian’s platform flexibility can help standardize testing throughout the health system by bringing testing closer to the patient resulting in improved clinical efficiencies.

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    Standardized workflow – simple 3-step workflow with standardized assay-to-assay sample prep

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    Focused menu – removes subjectivity for enhanced performance from the industry's leading experts in stool handling and testing

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    Total solution – flexible testing options allow the platform to fit any laboratory workload

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    Trusted partner – enables healthcare systems to efficiently maximize resources to deliver standardized care and improve patient outcomes

Definitive answers, confidence in results

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Definitive answers, confidence in results

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The Curian Shiga Toxin test is intended for use with broth cultures derived from unpreserved stool or stool preserved in Cary-Blair or C&S transport media.

It is known that culture will miss all non-O157 strains. The documented infection rate is about 50:50 for O157 strains vs. non-O157 strains. You should be testing for all Shiga toxin-producing E. coli.

Yes, CDC Guidelines recommend Shiga toxin testing be performed on growth from broth culture because this method is more sensitive and specific than direct testing of stool. In addition, because the amount of free fecal Shiga toxin in stools is often low, FIA testing of broth enrichment from stool is recommended rather than direct testing.

Curian Shiga Toxin provides triple reimbursement by incorporating 3 CPT codes:

  • Broth enrichment: 87015
  • FIA identification Stx 1: 87427
  • FIA identification Stx 2: 87427-59


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