Inhibitor-Tolerant qPCR/RT-qPCR Mixes

A variety of inhibitors inherent to clinical and environmental samples can negatively impact the sensitivity and accuracy of a molecular assay. Conventionally, to overcome this, specimens undergo processing before testing. However, extraction technologies are not 100% efficient, impacting the amount of target nucleic acid available for testing. Some inhibitors can co-elute following purification and induce false-negative assay results.

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Inhibitor-Tolerant qPCR Mix, MDX013

Available in 5 mL (500 Rxns) or 100 mL (10,000 Rxns) aliquots

Inhibitor-Tolerant qPCR Mix, 5x MDX073

Available in 2 mL (500 Rxns) or 40 mL (10,000 Rxns) aliquots

Inhibitor-Tolerant RT-qPCR Mix, 4x MDX016

Available in 5 mL (500 Rxns) or 50 mL (10,000 Rxns) aliquots

Meridian’s universal Inhibitor-Tolerant qPCR/RT-qPCR formulations are designed for developing qualitative multiplex assays that require minimal sample processing and fast turn-around times (TAT). The mixes can be used for direct amplification from crude lysates or inhibitor-rich samples from many different sources.

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