Molecular assay for the detection of congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV). Alethia® provides a quick, accurate and reliable molecular assay for congenital CMV detection.

Catalog Number: 481325

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Why Alethia®?

Alethia® provides a versatile workflow that can help labs of any size function at their best. With Alethia, your core lab, hospital lab, reference lab, or physician’s office lab can run more efficiently and deliver accurate results to clinicians and patients.

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Definitive answers, confidence in results

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Definitive answers, confidence in results

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"The Alethia CMV assay is an accurate method for identifying neonates with cCMV infection and, given its simplicity, appears suitable for CMV testing using neonatal saliva outside a reference laboratory, including remote and resource-limited settings."

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