Alethia® Group A Streptococcus

Molecular assay for the detection of Group A Streptococcus. A quick, accurate and reliable molecular assay for Group A Strep detection.

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Definitive answers, confidence in results

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98% sensitivity means increased detection of positives with fewer false negatives – Eliminates subjectivity related to traditional culture methods – Rapid turn around time in comparison to 48 hours for culture, allowing for proper patient management and appropriate antibiotic treatment.

Traditional culture sensitivity is as low as 90% with optimal technique – Overgrowth of normal flora –
Variability in how the specimen is attained affecting amount of streptococci growth.

Yes, a Flocked Nylon, Polyester, or Rayon swab in either Liquid Stuart or Liquid Amies, without charcoal is appropriate.

Unnecessary antibiotic treatment exposes patients to the expense and hazards which can lead to the development of antimicrobial resistance among common pathogens1. Up to 70% of patients receive antibiotic therapy while only 20%-30% have Group A Strep pharyngitis1. Estimated economic costs of pediatric streptococcal pharyngitis in the U.S. range from $224M to $539M per year.

Alethia® Group A Strep – 87651

1. Shulman et al. Clinical Practice Guideline for the Diagnosis and Management of Group A Streptococcal Pharyngitis:2012 Update by the Infectious Diseases Society of America.
2. Alethia Group A Streptococcus Package Insert, SN11022.

"As a specific example — we had a Group A Strep patient who was negative on the rapid test. We plated it and ran it on Alethia, which showed it was positive, so we were able to notify the physician right away. After 24 hours, we didn’t see enough growth to type it, so we incubated for another 24. Finally, on the third day it was positive. With Alethia, the patient had an answer in one hour vs. two days! That made it very clear that would make a difference in our patient care."

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