dGTP, 100mM, Lithium Salt

Ready-to-use sequencing grade ultra-pure dGTP, 100mM solution, supplied as lithium salts in purified water at pH 7.5, enzymatically synthesized from premium quality raw materials, using highly specific production systems in our purpose-built facilities. The manufacturing process eliminates impurities and PCR-specific inhibitors such as modified nucleotides, tetraphosphates, and pyrophosphates commonly observed in other commercially available dNTP products (>99% purity determined by quantitative HPLC). Lithium salts have greater resistance to repeated freezing and thawing cycles than sodium salts, and lithium salt dNTP preparations remain sterile over the entire shelf-life due to the bacteriostatic activity of lithium towards various microorganisms.

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dGTP, 100mM (Lithium), MDX048

Application: qPCR Specimen Type: Lithium Salt Concentration: 100 mM High Concentration: No Wet: Yes
Glycerol-Free: YesYes Lyo-Ready: Yes Air-Dryable: Yes Dryable: Air-Dryable,Lyo-Ready Sustainability: Glycerol-Free

Ultra-pure dGTP (2’-Deoxyguanosine-5’-Triphosphate) lithium salt solution is enzymatically synthesized from premium quality raw materials.

Available in 50 mL aliquots

dGTP, 100mM, Lithium Salt is of the highest quality, with minimal batch-to-batch variations. It is manufactured to the highest purity standards and is perfectly suited for even the most demanding applications, such as long next-generation sequencing, long PCR, and highly sensitive qPCR.

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