TRU Block Immunoassay Blockers

Designed to neutralize a broad range of heterophilic antibody interference created by human anti-mouse antibodies (HAMA), rheumatoid factor (RF) and heterophilic antibodies (HA). Multiple formulations are available to suit different applications for ELISA, lateral flow and CLIA.


True Positive Result

An active blocker such as TRU Block binds to interfering heterophilic antibodies (HA), HAMA and RF which removes their ability to bind to the antibodies in the assay and cause a false result.


False-Negative Result

Heterophilic antibodies bind to the antibodies in the assay, preventing them from binding to the target antigen in the patient sample. The patient sample is positive but the result is reported as negative.


False-Positive Result

Heterophilic antibodies bind to the assay antibodies in a manner similar to the target antigen. This causes a positive readout despite the patient sample being negative.

TRU Block is Effective Against HAMA, RF and HA

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Lead about the factors that need to be considered in selecting the right blocker for an immunoassay.

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Find out more about how TRU Block works to prevent heterophilic antibody interference.

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Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by IVD manufacturers by reading the whitepaper “Reducing Errors in Immunoassay Testing”.

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