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Revogene is a flexible molecular platform capable of single analyte and multiplex testing that is packaged in a small footprint, and can help standardize testing throughout your health system.

With Revogene it’s samples in and walk away. This fully automated system requires only 3 easy steps that take less than 2 minutes of hand-on-time.

Sample to result in 3 easy steps

Revogene Advantages

Revogene provides healthcare systems a standardized, reliable molecular diagnostic solution through simplified sample processing and efficient workflows. Healthcare providers can quickly make treatment decisions and provide optimal patient care in diverse clinical settings.

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    Efficient workflow - Sample to result in 3 easy steps
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    Flexible platform - Run multiple assays with different sample types on a single run
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    Platform for growth - Single analyte and multiplex testing capability
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    Total solution - Can be paired with Meridian immunoassays for a scalable testing solution

Get ahead of infections with Revogene

Revogene is a turnkey diagnostic solution for molecular detection of infectious disease. It quickly and precisely identifies C. difficile, GBS, Strep A, and Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE). New tests are continuously being added to help you get ahead of infections.

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