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Meridian has been providing innovative life science solutions and building trusted partnerships for over 40 years. Our focus is to offer products and services that help to advance the development of diagnostic assays.

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NEW! Lyophilized Library Prep Kit for Next-Generation Sequencing, Eliminating the Need for Cold-Chain Shipping and Storage

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Meridian is the complete solution

Meridian offers diagnostic manufacturers the complete solution with over 3,000 antigens and antibodies covering more than 500 diseases and an extensive range of specialty qPCR/RT-qPCR master mixes and molecular enzymes all manufactured under ISO13485 regulations.

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First to market, second to none

Meridian is dedicated to discovering new solutions for old problems. Our team of scientists, with expertise ranging from virology and immunology to enzyme behavior and large-scale protein expression and purification, are at the forefront of developing first to market products for immunoassay and molecular diagnostic tests. As a company, we strive to transform ideas into reality and provide unparalleled products, services, and value to our customers.

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