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Congenital Cytomegalovirus (cCMV) is the most common virus passed from mothers to babies during pregnancy.

Prevent the Preventable.
Manage the Manageable.

Congenital Cytomegalovirus (cCMV) is the most common virus passed from mothers to babies during pregnancy.

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One out of every 200 babies will be born with cCMV – many are asymptomatic. Of those infected with cCMV, 1 out 5 babies will suffer from conditions such as hearing and vision loss, cerebral palsy, or mental disability.

Congenital CMV has the highest incidence among congenital conditions but is often missed in newborns because 90% are born asymptomatic. Congenital CMV test results within 21 days of birth can make a difference in the outcome of a child since early intervention can have a lifetime impact.

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Click to download  “Experts Make the Case for Universal CMV Screening”, Infectious Diseases
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  1. Saliva is an easy to collect sample, a swab moistened with saliva is enough to run the test (do not need any more than a flocked swab moistened with saliva)
  2. Antigen rich sample due to the fact that CMV replicates in the salivary glands, high level of shedding
  3. Recommended sample by the CMV consensus guidelines
  4. In studies, saliva performs equal or better than urine in the detection of congenital CMV
  5. Urine collection can be a challenge, squeezing diapers or having to put a catheter is more complicated than collecting a saliva sample

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cCMV – 6 Facts to Know

Understanding CMV Educational Brochure

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“CMV causes disease in more children than anything else we screen pregnant women or newborns for. Every year there are several thousand babies in the US who are harmed by congenital CMV infections.”

Soren Gantt, MD PhD MPH

Associate Professor | Department of Pediatrics Division of Infectious Diseases | University of British Columbia Director of Clinical Research | BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Vancouver, BC

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