Glycerol-Free T4 DNA Polymerase (HC)

Glycerol-Free T4 DNA Polymerase (HC) is a template dependent DNA polymerase that catalyzes 5'-3' synthesis from primed single-stranded DNA and possess a 3´➔ 5´ exonuclease activity but lacks a 5´➔ 3´ exonuclease activity. Glycerol-Free T4 DNA Polymerase (HC) can be used for generating blunt ends on any duplex DNA molecule and for labelling DNA by replacement synthesis.

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Meridian's Glycerol-Free T4 DNA Polymerase (HC)

  • Blunting of DNA ends by "fill in" or "polish" the ends of double-stranded DNA fragments, for cloning or generating NGS libraries.

  • Oligonucleotide-directed site-directed mutagenesis.

  • Sanger sequencing, to remove fluorescent dye-labeled nucleotides as they are incorporated into the growing DNA strand.

  • Glycerol-free, for lyophilization and ambient temperature storage

Glycerol-Free T4 DNA Polymerase (HC), MDX207

Available in 50 µL (500 Units) or 500 µL (5,000 Units) aliquots

Glycerol-Free T4 DNA Polymerase (HC) is supplied at 10 U/µL and catalyzes the addition of nucleotides to the 3′ end of a DNA strand, extending it in the 5′ to 3′ direction. It also possesses 3′ to 5′ exonuclease activity, allowing it to remove nucleotides from the 3′ end of DNA strands. This activity is useful in various DNA manipulation techniques, such as DNA sequencing, site-directed mutagenesis, and DNA repair studies. In addition, it has 5′ to 3′ exonuclease activity, enabling it to remove nucleotides from the 5′ end of DNA molecules.

It is used in next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation, where it can be used separately or as part of an End-Repair Mix, where it can blunt DNA ends of double-stranded DNA fragments for subsequent ligation of adaptors by T4 DNA Ligase.

Glycerol-Free T4 DNA Polymerase (HC) is in a glycerol-free storage buffer and is supplied with a reaction buffer and has been optimized to deliver excellent, stable performance without glycerol, allowing you to deliver reliable results with the added capability for lyophilization. This gives you the flexibility to confidently store mixtures at ambient temperature or produce diagnostic assays that rely on miniaturized reaction components, such as point-of-care NGS.

FAQs: Glycerol-Free T4 DNA Polymerase (HC)

No, DNA polymerases cannot remove 5′ overhangs, 5′ overhangs (3′ recessed ends) are filled in and 3′ overhangs will be removed.

The 3’→5′ exonuclease of T4 DNA Polymerase makes these reactions difficult to control. We recommend Glycerol-Free DNA Pol I Klenow Fragment exo- (HC) (MDX208) for these applications.

We recommend 12°C, at higher temperatures the exonuclease activity can remove nucleotides past blunt.

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