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Top Reasons for Using Animal-Free HAMA/RF Immunoassay Interference Blockers

Avoiding immunoassay interference requires blockers to be included in every immunoassay. Historically, animal-based interference blockers have been used to improve assay accuracy; however, they are susceptible to cross-reactivity with assay reagents, lot-to-lot variability, and supply shortages – as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meridian’s new animal-free commercial blockers, K-BlockTM and Mouse-FREE IgG, are the next-generation solution for blocking HAMA/RF/HA that overcomes the ethical concerns and supply problems in using animal-derived blockers.

In this webinar you will learn the advantages of using animal-free immunoassay blockers and their performance.


Ryan Hughes Ph.D, (Life Science Immunology Product Manager, Meridian Bioscience)

Tatiana Chirkova, Ph.D, (Upstream Process Development Scientist, Meridian Bioscience)

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