New Air-Dryable Technology, an Advanced Alternative to Lyophilization for Molecular Assays

qPCR and RT-qPCR are widely used in the development of molecular diagnostic assays with applications in human diagnostics, animal health, environmental, plant and food testing.

Lyophilization is a common technique used for creating ambient temperature stable PCR assays. However, the process is time consuming, complex to optimize and requires expensive equipment. Meridian’s new air-dryable technology replaces lyophilization with a fast, simple, and inexpensive oven-drying process, making it ideal for manufacturing room-temperature stable, highly sensitive and cost-effective molecular diagnostic assays.

This webinar will cover:

  • How Meridian’s new air-dryable technology compares to traditional lyophilization
  • The impact of the air-drying process on qPCR performance
  • The combination of air-drying with inhibitor tolerance technology in qPCR assays

Dr Steve Hawkins – Product Marketing Manager
Dr Michele Amasio – Research and Development Manager

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