Webinar Future of reagents webinar

The Future of Molecular Reagent Technologies: Transforming Infectious Disease Testing

The molecular diagnostic approach for infectious disease such as STDs, tropical, and respiratory disease has seen significant development in the past twelve months, driven by a demand for better, faster, higher sensitivity assays, that can detect asymptomatic carriers. Traditionally, lab-based tests using blood samples have been the mainstay for molecular testing, however home-based, extraction-free tests, using alternative sample types (saliva, urine, stool) are now highly sought after, but pose significant challenges in assay development for both lab-based and point of care (POC) applications.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • New nucleic acid amplification chemistries that simplify direct detection
  • Optimizing assay performance per sample types (e.g. blood, saliva, urine, stool)
  • The latest technologies that can reduce your cold-chain management

Michele Amasio, Ph.D.
Research and Development Senior Manager

Steve Hawkins
Ph.D. – Product Marketing Manager

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