CINCINNATI, May 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Meridian Bioscience, Inc., a leading global provider of diagnostic testing solutions and life science raw materials, announced today the launch of its new Air-Dryable™ Direct DNA qPCR Plant Mix. This unique Mix is specifically designed to develop and manufacture multiplexed highly sensitive and economical molecular field-tests in agriculture biotechnology (AgBio).

Increasing global food demand due to the growth in the human population accelerated the need for better crop health monitoring and surveillance. The requirements for constant monitoring of transgenic DNA from genetically modified organisms (GMO), coupled with the need for more reactive crop disease management with fast pathogen detection, led to the adoption of molecular techniques such as qPCR in agricultural diagnostics. While extraction of DNA from the plant sample before qPCR analysis does allow for the removal of various plant metabolites inhibiting the analysis, it is also a laborious and expensive activity. Meridian has developed an innovative solution for direct qPCR workflows using crude plant lysates without nucleic acid purification.

Meridian’s Air-Dryable™ Direct DNA qPCR Plant Mix uses a unique polymerase and buffer system, optimized explicitly for direct amplification from crude plant lysates – removing the need for purification of DNA from the sample. In addition, with its uniquely high 4x concentration format, the Air-Dryable™ Direct DNA qPCR Plant Mix facilitates the development of ambient temperature stable assays without the need for lyophilization – making it ideal for manufacturing field-friendly, highly sensitive, and cost-effective molecular plant assays.

Lourdes Weltzien, PhD, Executive Vice President – Life Science commented, “Air-dryable master mixes create a paradigm shift for molecular assay manufacturers. Room-temperature stable assays can now be created with an optimized master mix that can be oven-dried on site. Manufacturers can save time, reduce cost, and control their entire manufacturing workflow, while delivering the same or better performance as compared to other assay-formats. With the ability to use our Air-Dryable™ Direct DNA qPCR Plant Mix with crude samples, the testing process is faster and more economical than ever before.”

Meridian is committed to providing innovative solutions to diagnostic manufacturers that simplify and accelerate the development of superior assays. For more information about partnering with Meridian Bioscience, please visit or contact Morey Setareh, Senior Director, Sales & Marketing at

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