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LeadCare Ultra®

Big results from a small footprint.

A simple solution for any lab – whether you run blood lead testing with GFAAS or send samples out to a reference laboratory.

Catalog Number: 70-8040 Lead Testing System
Catalog Number: 70-8098 Test Kit

LeadCare Ultra® Product Description

LeadCare Ultra is based on anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV), an electrochemical technique that’s been used in clinical laboratories for decades. Offering throughput and convenience for high volume labs.

Lead Testing System (70-8040)

The kit contains the 6 port analyzer, PC, barcode scanner, and instructions. Test kits must be ordered separately.

Test Kit (70-8098)

Contains ready to use reagents, controls, and calibration for 192 tests.

User friendly, ultra simple interface

LeadCare Ultra is the first plug-and-play, benchtop solution for blood lead testing, offering users calibration at the touch of a button and results in 3 minutes.

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    3-minute sample analysis

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    FDA cleared - No method development required

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    Electronic calibration - Seconds to complete, no standards, no drift

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    No maintenance plan required

3 million workers could bring lead home to their families.

Get started today

3 million workers could bring lead home to their families.

Get started today


The LeadCare Ultra Blood Lead Testing System is cleared by the FDA with a moderately complex classification.

Although annual maintenance is not required, your lab’s procedures may call for weekly, monthly, or annual maintenance. Refer to the Maintenance chapter of your LeadCare Ultra User’s Guide for additional information on cleaning your analyzer.

LeadCare Ultra Assay – 83655, Collection of capillary blood – 36416

No. All components of the test kit should be stored at room temperature. Refer to the LeadCare Ultra package insert included with your test kit for more information.

Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH) offers linearity samples. Visit our Validation webpage for more information.

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