High-Specificity Pfu Buffer, 10x

NGS High-Fidelity Pfu Buffer, 10x is an optimized buffer containing dNTPs and Mg and requires only the addition of a high fidelity polymerase (such as High-Fidelity Pfu (MDX003)), primers and DNA template for robust amplification.

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The amplification of a next-generation sequencing (NGS) library is performed by PCR. In addition to increasing the amount of DNA, the PCR amplification step also enriches for fragments that have an adaptor-ligated to each end, as these will be the fragments that attach to the flow cell and will be sequenced. It is important that this PCR step does not introduce mutations or bias to the library, as a lower error rate and more even sequence representation means that less sequence coverage is required, saving expense and time.

Product Specs & Downloads

NGS High-Fidelity Pfu Buffer, 10x, MDX038

Available in 5 mL (1,000 Rxns) aliquots

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