Cut Your RTase Cost,
Not your assay performance

Selecting the best MMLV-RT for an assay depends on a number of factors such as performance and price. Meridian’s RTases exhibit a high performance, delivering faster and more sensitive cDNA synthesis than other thermostable RT enzyme across a range of applications. The added benefit is that they are extremely competitively priced and can help you save on your raw material costs which is critical in today’s challenging business environment.

Enhance your assay with Meridian’s ultrapure dNTPs, synthesized at a large scale from premium quality raw materials with hundreds of liters available now.

  • Manufactured in hundreds of liters per year
  • >99% purity (HPLC)

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TRU Block™

Unique heterophilic antibody blocker that can remove many different types of heterophilic interference including HAMA and Rheumatoid factor (RF) using a completely new approach.

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Animal IgG

Animal IgG (e.g. mouse IgG) is suitable for blocking heterophilic antibodies, especially in mixed species assays (e.g. MAb/PAb). The source of the blocker must be the same as the host antibody source.

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IgG Blocker

Excess IgG antibody in patient samples can interfere with IgM detection. Goat anti-human IgG and Meridian’s IgM assay diluent are designed to improve IgM assay sensitivity.

Meridian’s Portfolio of Blocker Solutions

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