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A one-stop shop to drive awareness and provide education about the dangers of lead poisoning. Lead exposure remains one of the top childhood environmental health problems today.1  The good news is that lead poisoning is 100% preventable. Explore our resource center to learn more about common sources of lead and how to avoid exposure.

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Don’t leave it to chance.

In most cases, lead exposure is completely asymptomatic and irreversible. A blood test is the only way to find out if your child has been exposed to lead. Talk to your child’s doctor about having your child tested.

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The right diagnosis could change lives.

Over 535,000 children have an elevated blood lead level annually. Federal and state blood lead testing recommendations have been put into place to ensure every child reaches their full potential.

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What is lead and why is it harmful?

Lead is a naturally occurring heavy metal found in the earth’s crust. While it has some beneficial uses from an industrial sense, it can be extremely toxic to humans and animals. Lead is a powerful neurotoxin – meaning continuous exposure can cause permanent health consequences.

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Almost everyone has come in contact with lead at some point in their life. Lead can be found in all parts of our environment, including our home. The truth is you never know where insidious lead will appear. The most important step that families, healthcare providers, and public health professionals can take is to prevent lead exposure before it occurs.

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1. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control;

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