Lyophilized NGS Library Preparation Kit

Our Lyophilized NGS Library Preparation Kit is a ready-to-use complete solution for sequencing-by-synthesis (SBS) protocols. It removes the need for cold chain shipping and storage and increases the accessibility of NGS reagents and applications.

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Lyophilized NGS Library Preparation Kit

The Lyophilized NGS Library Preparation Kit is a ready-to-use lyophilized next-generation sequencing library preparation kit for SBS protocols that can be shipped and stored at ambient temperature for at least 12 months.

  • Dried reactions packed in sealed pouches for ambient temperature stability, transport and storage

  • Ready-to-use, just add DNA solution

  • Cost-effective, sustainable and accessible testing for NGS

Lyophilized NGS Library Preparation Kit

Lyophilized reactions in tubes, packed in sealed pouches for ambient temperature stability

Lyophilized NGS Library Preparation Kit pouches

Three tubes consisting of the lyophilized components for end-repair and A-tailing, ligation, and library amplification. These can be stored at ambient temperature and are ready to use, just add DNA solution.


Lyophilized NGS Library Preparation Kit pouches

The straightforward design ensures that the NGS library preparation process is fast and convenient, contributing to cost-effective, sustainable, and accessible NGS technology.


Lyophilized NGS Library Preparation Kit, MDX219, consists of an end repair/dA-tailing mix module that combines the enzymes and buffers required for end-repair and dA-tailing to convert fragmented DNA into 5ʹ-phosphorylated and 3ʹ-dA-tailed DNA fragments, a ligase and buffer, enabling direct ligation of sequencing adapters and a high-fidelity PCR dried master mix for library amplification. The kit is designed to be straight forward and to demonstrate that the lyophilized kit can produce libraries equivalent to those achieved with traditional liquid formats.

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