Taq HS Antibody

Taq HS Antibody binds Taq polymerase and inhibits its activity until reaction temperature is elevated at the start of a PCR (hot-start). At that point, the Taq HS Antibody is denatured and releases its hold on Taq polymerase, allowing DNA synthesis to proceed. This enhances the specificity and sensitivity of PCR by preventing primer-dimer formation and non-specific amplification at lower temperatures.

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Taq HS Antibody, MDX014

Available in 20 µL (1,000 Units) or 250 µL (12,500 Units) aliquots

Taq HS Antibody is a mix of anti-Taq antibodies designed to inhibit Taq DNA polymerase activity at room temperature. It is used in the preparation of hot-start PCR or qPCR master mixes and helps to prevent nonspecific amplification and primer-dimer formation, increasing specificity and sensitivity while allowing assembly of reactions at ambient temperatures. Inhibition is reversed when the temperature is raised during the first denaturing step of thermal cycling.

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